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Quicksand! A Christian Romance

275 pages3 hours


Dan McBride had just about given up on finding a soul mate, especially since he quit a high paying corporate job to become an eighth-grade English teacher. But when he meets Emily Dwyer and her two teenage children, he suddenly feels optimistic about the future. He'd like to spend a lot more time with them, but if he quits his part time jobs, he'll have to abandon a lifelong dream.

Emily Dwyer wishes she could convince her fellow faculty that she and Lars are 'just friends.' She'd like to quit bringing Pete a brown bag lunch every day too, but the only way to avoid Pete is to sit beside Lars in the cafeteria. It's not easy to explain these non-boyfriends to the handsome new English teacher, especially after warning him not to throw her a rope, even if she's stuck in quicksand.

Meanwhile, something strange is going on at Roosevelt Middle School. Why would the superintendent choose a home ec teacher to serve as temporary principal? Why was Mary Wells hired to fill a position that doesn't exist? Emily would love to discuss the situation with her principal and mentor, but Dr. Box is bedridden after a heart attack ... or is he?

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