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Public Relations And Marketing Communications [New, Revised, Expanded, Special Edition]

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Profitable businesses, now more than ever, depend on their Public Relations Department for the setting up of a dynamic and practical communications network which reflects the challenges of this competitive era.

PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS is for the public relations practitioners, sales and business people, and public relations/communication studies students who want to know the techniques and ideas pertaining to the tackling of communications problems and the generation of goodwill and support. It is also recommended for students preparing to sit public relations, advertising and marketing communications exams. This book describes how to:

* Anticipate the changing needs of the    market and retain goodwill.

* Develop dynamic new communications strategies to stay a step ahead.

* Identify potential clients and maintain a good relationship with them.

* Understand people and bring out their best.

* Develop networking strategies to capture potential markets.

Good public communications, which is covered in this book, is important to all organizations, whether profit-making or non-profit-making, e.g., businesses, governmental organizations, educational institutions, charities, interest groups, and even political organizations. There are quite a number of detailed descriptions of real-life publicity campaigns and stunts presented in the book which should be of great interest. There is also comprehensive coverage of the various laws pertaining to the practice of public relations and commerce, e.g., contracts, registered designs, trademarks, copyright, formation and dissolution of companies, libel and slander, vicarious liability, et al., which the public relations practitioner and business person ought to be familiar with in order to avoid infringing any of the laws. Other important topics covered include writing good, proper press releases, sales presentations, press conferences, broadcasting, public speaking, advertising, et al..

This book has been adopted as a reference text by an advertising professional body.


The author has been a salesman and marketer for many years. He has also taught public relations and marketing communications to public relations practitioners, sales personnel, business people and students for years, as well as many other professional and management subjects for years. He has published about 20 books, two of which have been adopted as reference texts and commended by professional bodies, and has been the editor of one book. He has also published a number of important papers in international research journals and has served on the faculty of an American research university as a professor. He has received publicity from the press for some intellectual achievement. 



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