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Lessons for Lydia: A Regency Erotica (School for Whores, #2)

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ydia has made mistakes - and one of those mistakes is growing in her belly now. She's been sent away in disgrace to hide her shame. She's fast learning, though, that disgrace can be a pleasure.

EXPLICIT: this erotic short story contains explicit scenes of a young lady being roughly taken by a man who has paid for the pleasure.

Excerpt: It was no great surprise to Lydia, then, when Lady Spencer knocked on her door and entered with a man at her heels.

"This is a whorehouse," Lydia said, but Lady Spencer, as she had said, was not easily shocked.

"If you wish to call it so," she said. "With equal bluntness, my dear, you are a whore, and so this is your natural home."

"Do my parents know?"

"They prefer not to know. They are, like so many well-bred hypocrites, blind to things they do not wish to see." She turned to the gentleman behind her, who looked a little awkward. "Lydia, may I present His Grace the Duc Saint-Grenadine. Your Grace, this is Lydia."

"Charmed," he said, and took her hand and kissed it punctiliously, as if they were at a ball.

"The Duc has a horror of illegitimate children, and so he pays to bed lovely, well-bred women who are already in an interesting condition. He prefers women of little experience, and so you are of particular interest. Later in your career, if you fall pregnant again, you will learn some men prefer a woman who is breeding."

"How odd," was all Lydia could think to say, and Lady Spencer shrugged, superbly nonchalant.

"Men are strange creatures," she said. "I should also mention that the Duc, while very much the gentleman to ladies who please him, is also very willing to be firm with ladies who do not hurry to please him."

"I see," Lydia said, after digesting this. "I have no choice, then?"

"There are always choices, Lydia," Lady Spencer said. "We can always find room for a scullery maid, for instance. We are not a charitable institution."

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