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Desire & Dominance Poetry Book (Cassandre Dayne Poetry, #2)

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Desire & Dominance
Volume 2

Desire   An intense longing, a moment where you’re left breathless from need and heated anticipation, passion unlike any you’ve ever experienced.

Dominance   Control. Authority. Obedience. These words instill a sense of belonging, submitting to another in a full embodiment of devotion. This is a love so pure and raw, the connection is nothing less than extraordinary.

When we let go we’re able to embrace every aspect of ourselves, the hidden yearning that has kept us awake at night. When you accept such needs, the ones that will draw us into the power of submission, you’ll enter into the heightened realm of – ecstasy.

We hunger to feed the darker sides of sex and discipline, a truly breathless combination, but few of are uninhibited enough to embrace our kinky side. Enter the shadowed side of pleasure, indulging in moments of passion and pain written in a collection of erotic poems. From unbridled control to complete submission, an intense flogging and total domination, vivid images will allow you to enter into the world of delicious sin.

Will you dare to continue the uninhibited journey into Cassandre’s boudoir?

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