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Scandal in the Seminary

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Lucy knows that she shouldn't be alone with a man - but how can she resist her lover's pleas? To her dismay, he's not the perfect gentleman she believed, and she finds both shame and ecstasy in his insistent embrace.

EXPLICIT: This short story contains explicit scenes of a young woman reluctantly surrendering her virginity.

Excerpt: She pulled away sharply, feeling her cheeks flame. How forward he must think her! Kissing like some - improper woman, and allowing him to cuddle her on a sofa. This was no way to behave if you wished a gentleman to marry you.

"We should not," she said firmly when he tried to tug her back into his arms. "Indeed, I should not have - well, we must not kiss any more."

"But you kiss so sweetly," he coaxed, tightening his arm about her. "Your lips are so pretty, red from kissing! Why, we are all alone with no one to see us - what does it matter if we kiss a little?" She turned her face away when he leaned close, but it did not dissuade him; he pressed soft kisses to her cheek, to the curve of her jaw, to her slim white neck. There was soft, sensitive skin there, that prickled under his warm breath and the gentle touch of his mouth. It set a very pleasant heat crawling under Lucy's skin, convinced her that it was not so very bad to turn back into Adam's embrace and let him take her mouth once more, both arms about her waist and pulling her almost into his lap. She could feel the solidity of his body, so much wider than her own slim frame, and his arms felt very strong as they held her close. She sighed and sank into his arms, her breast pressing against his, so close she swore their hearts must beat in time. He ran his hands over her neck and shoulders, down the arch of her spine and around her waist, so slim he could almost encircle it with his hands, and she only shivered and permitted it, opening her mouth for the gentle invasion of his tongue, stroking little gasps from her.

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