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Victerotica I - A Carnal Collection (Sex Stories from the Victorian Age)

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Authentic Victorian Erotica - Rediscovered

“Be sure of one thing – these are definitely not love stories!”

Great Value erotic fiction! The first collection of Wildheart's rare, steamy, Victorian short stories and novellas, all originally published prior to 1900 and brought to you here as wild, spicy and debauched tales of sexual excess. The Victorians certainly had plenty of erotic passion running deep under the prim facade of 19th Century society...
Very crude, very rude and great fun.

There’s something for everyone in Wildheart’s first Victorian Collection


The Amatory Experiences of a Surgeon
Straight in at the deep end – this is an eye-opening account of a young doctor setting out on his path of insatiable perversity where pretty much anything goes. Told with unbridled gusto and with little subtlety!

A Novice's Temptation
An innocent nun is corrupted by her confessor – to the extent of having a tryst with Satan himself!

The Adventures and Amours of a Barmaid
A slightly more restrained tale of Victorian moral descent. Our heroine, Polly, leaves the family business on the inevitable road to the oldest profession.

The Disembodied Spirit
- A sweet, softer tale wherein a ghost gets to experience young love requited.

The Simple Tale of Susan Aked
- Riotous, brilliant fun! Young, naïve Susan starts off on a journey of orgasmic discovery and along the way we get to join her for the many and varied encounters... Nothing is left to the imagination in this cracking novella!

Content Advisory:
Definitiely 18+ with gratuitous scenes of all types of sexual activity. Length: 69000 Words, c. 240 Print pages.

Bawdy, Unreconstructed Tales of Passion and Lust!

About Wildheart

Wildheart Books is the erotica imprint of The Oleander Press, a small Cambridge-based publisher. Whilst mainly publishing hot, new, female-friendly modern erotica for the general market, we’ve also presented a selection of authentic Victorian erotic titles that had been lost for decades. The difference in authorial approach is unsurprisingly startling but the classic texts can often be as entertaining as the more sophisticated tales of today. See our whole list at – all available for Kindle.

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