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First Time with the Gay Wolf (Gay Paranormal Erotic Romance - Werewolf Alpha)

26 pages23 minutes


"Will he sacrifice his virginity in order to escape from a threatening situation with a possible high reward?"

Once again, Laurent Outler has stayed late in his office to finish all the work that has been thrown on his shoulders. His job in the local bank has been the only bright spot in his life in recent times since he feels too insecure to go out and find a guy who can satisfy his fantasies; after all, he is still a virgin at the age of twenty-one.

After a short break from calculating taxes, the bank’s alarm goes off, and a gorgeous yet mysterious man halts him in the hall. His name is Hector, and he isn't a threat to her security; in fact, he is a very gentle man with noble causes who needs help in his heist once it fails to go as he planned. He offers him two and a half million dollars if he helps him escape, and Laurent comes up with a plan. They will hide in a secret vault on the last floor and wait till the situation becomes safe enough to leave the building. Meanwhile, he has a hard time accepting the supernatural powers that Hector claims to have as a result of his werewolf heritage.

"First Time with the Gay Wolf " is a 6200+ short story about a young and smart, gay man who is ready to face the challenge.

The story contains explicit sex, and is intended for mature audiences only, 18+!

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