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A Trail of Broken Promsies

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Charlene Harrison had her heart broken too many times. Her last heartache left her vowing never to love again. To compound her sorrow she loses a great aunt, one who kept her hopes and spirits alive. She’s left an inheritance, a beautiful Chateau in France. She finds it's exactly what she needs to heal.

Morgan LaPetre had been waiting for centuries for her. His soul had been imprisoned in the walls of the Chateau. A deal had been struck. She was to be his redemption, his way back to this world.

Will he promise her everything and deliver nothing but broken promises. Can he shatter her into pieces so he can take her soul for his own? How far will one soul go for redemption and to enter this world again? Will he defy his destiny and fall deeply in love with his one means of ever getting back into this world?

Charlene doesn't believe in ghosts. She doesn’t believe in love anymore. But one mystifying man makes her a pledge. Why would she believe him or put her trust in any man? Because he’s promised her the greatest gift of all, selfless true love. Will this final love affair shatter her to pieces? Will this betrayal crush her soul?

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