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Portrait of Juliet: A Regency Erotica

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Julia longs for passion, for romance - but she's to be advantageously married to an elderly man. Philippe, the artist painting her betrothal portrait, offers her a taste of the forbidden, but she soon discovered he wants more than she's prepared to give.

EXPLICIT: This erotica short story features a vain beauty reluctantly surrendering her virginity to a man.

Excerpt: "Kiss me again," she urged when he stared too long, and he bent his head to kiss her white throat, the curve of her collarbone, the slope of her bosom, before kissing her lips, her eyelids, her brow.

"Every inch of you is perfection," he murmured. "I have wanted nothing more than to paint you as Venus, naked but for your invincible beauty."

She shuddered, a flush rising, and he laughed and kissed each cheek. "So demure," he sighed. "It hurts me to think that no man will ever truly appreciate you. If your Marquis ever even strips your nightgown from you, I don't doubt he will have no concept of how perfectly lovely you are. I - I am an artist. I could know your beauty for the wonder that it is. I would paint a masterpiece of your alabaster skin."

Oh, she could think of nothing more wonderful; to have her face and body the Goddess of Love, for him to gaze at her unclothed for hours unending.

"You could," she breathed. "Just - just for a little while."

"Oh, my darling," he said tenderly. "How brave you are! How beautiful! Sit up, and let me at your buttons. I have longed to be able to strip these clothes from you."

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