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The Realms of War 9: Revenge of the Horde (Orc Males / Human Female Erotica)

52 pages43 minutes


As the Ice Mistress Ariel makes a demoralizing decision, Leila, Aewyn, Meriel Grace and Robyn are faced with fending for themselves with a group of rescued prisoners. As they try to figure out a new plan, they are overwhelmed by a surprise attack from the Horde. Leila, Aewyn and Robyn try to fend off the attack but as the numbers pile on, Grace and Meriel are captured by Orcs! Leila makes a tough decision to be captured alongside Robyn to try to track down the Orcs.

When Lady Grace awakes, she finds herself surrounded by brutish Orcs and has been covered in the strange substance known as the Call of the Krakenos. As her body begins to react to the potion, the Orcs easily sense her excitement. Can Lady Grace's royal blood possibly help her fight the effects of the potion or does she succumb to the Orcs surrounding her?

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