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Cuckolding the Fool: A Regency Erotica

28 pages24 minutes


Tabitha has long struggled to be the best wife she can to her fool of a husband. But when he gambles and loses her virtue in a card game, she can finally give her body to a man who will know how to bring her pleasure - and shame her husband as he deserves.

EXPLICIT: This erotic short story contains explicit heterosexual sex, cuckolding, exhibitionism and humiliation.

She had danced with Anverly before, but not like this. He held her close, and his hand did not stay politely at her waist but stroked the curve of her back, the full swell of her buttocks. She had never been so close to a man not her husband; the heat of him, the masculine scent, set her senses whirling even as the room whirled about them.

He bent his head to kiss her throat once more, their steps slowing, falling out of pace with the music. His lips made their slow way down the the line of her neck, light kisses that set her skin tingling.

There was an ugly clatter of notes as Desford slammed his hands down on the keys.

"Dammit, man, am I to sit here and watch you ravish my wife?"

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