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The Fairy's Lover: A Erotic Regency Fairytale

22 pages18 minutes


Linnet dares to sleep in the notorious haunted inn - but what she finds there is no ghost, but an otherwordly creature, who steals her away for a night of erotic revelry.

EXPLICIT: This erotic short story contains explicit heterosexual sex, with a woman being taken by multiple partners,

Excerpt: He spun her to the edge of the dance floor, at the foot of the steps, and pressed the cup into her hands again, folding his hands round hers and urging them upwards. She shut her eyes and drank as fast as she could, but wine spilled from her lips and down the line of her throat and breasts. When he pulled the cup back, her bodice was darkened like the night sky, colour staining down the fabric, flowing into her skirt.

"Dance," he ordered her, and her eyes flew up for a second, to see the narrow crescent of his smile, until the music flowed into her bones and threw her out alone into the mass. They had all abandoned partners now, spinning and strutting and throwing up their arms to the ferocious music. She forgot the weight of her dress, the pinned mass of her hair, and danced until she was simply a vibrating note in the strange addictive tune, until she could not feel her body and rose light on the fog of exhilaration.

The music changed, then, slower but no less fierce, and bodies were pressed close to hers; she no longer danced alone, but was one part of a many-bodied creature. They reached for each other, and for Linnet, and hands trailed along her arms, her shoulders, her back, and when she reached back she touched loose curls of hair and fine veils of gauze and stiff brocades and skin as damp and yielding as her own panting lips.

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