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Caring for a Werewolf, Part Two (a knotting romance novella)

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In the continuation of Caring for a Werewolf, tensions mount as Ariana falls more deeply in love with Tem even as others secretly plot to get rid of the stranger. Ariana knows she shouldn't even be giving the appearance of enjoying time alone with Tem—after all, she is engaged to another man—but when his kind acts, gentle humor, and unexpected wisdom continue to attract her, she can't seem to help herself.

But that's just what gets her into trouble. The couple get away with a little above-the-waist fondling session up against the walls of the shed together, but this makes them too bold. When Tem reveals to Ariana the sign of the werewolf on his cock, she finds herself so aroused that their innocent stroll through the woods quickly turns into a protracted enjoyment of mutual masturbation. They think they've gotten away scot-free again, but have they really? Just how private is their favorite road through the woods?

This 17,100-word (word counts do not include teasers, links, or other end-material) middle part of the romance novella Caring for a Werewolf  features virgin foreplay, knotting or tying hand-jobs, and more of the irresistibly slow buildup to sex begun in the first part.

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