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Put a Ring through It and Other Stories (piercing erotica)

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Three gorgeous, pierced men give Georgina three sets of three brand-new piercings, all in her most private places. It isn't her fault; she just came in for a pair of nipple piercings, and no one would ever have suspected her of even that much; she's very skilled at playing the good girl. She never intended to discover her masochistic streak, or to learn just what a turn-on a sharp needle can be. She certainly didn't intend to have a foursome with men coming in her mouth, pussy, and all over her breasts.

But that's only the beginning for Georgina in this erotic trio of stories, the first three of the Needled series, which total over 23,000 words. The fate Georgina must suffer—or enjoy—involves piercing fetish play, large-gauge piercings, tattoo fetish play, BDSM, nipple clamps, genital torture, male dominants, group sex, exhibitionism, videotaped sex, a vibrator, double penetration, and triple penetration. And by purchasing Put a Ring through It, Held Down and Tattooed, and A Face to Remember together in this bundle, you'll save over 20% compared to buying the stories individually.

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