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Empty Without You (an orgasm denial and urethral play erotica)

41 pages29 minutes


In the sequel to the popular Four Orifices, Steven has taken Deb's torture to a new level. Her whole body bound, she has no choice but to let him experiment with orgasm-denial on her as he penetrates her three normal holes and her one abnormal one—her stretched, fuckable urethra. The frustration of not being able to climax, of always having the intense stimulation of the Hitachi Magic Wand withdrawn at the last possible second, is too much for Deb. Though she at last comes quite hard, as soon as Steven releases her, she informs him she wants a divorce.

But separation only teaches them both that no one else will ever be quite as satisfying, in spite of the novelty of their new partners. After they appeal to their own better nature and reach a compromise together, they're back at it. This time, with a safeword in place, Steven goes even further in controlling Deb's holes. She signs a contract allowing Steven to deny her virtually every bodily right while they're at home together—drinking, eating, elimination, and even orgasm. The situation threatens to overwhelm her when Steven refuses to use the special screwdriver that unlocks the jewelry in her pee-hole, thus preventing her from urinating. Deb doesn't know how much more she can take.

Deb's boundaries are pushed to the limit in this 6,500-word erotica. (Word counts do not include teasers, links, or other end-material.) Packed almost completely solid with no fewer than five separate sex scenes, this erotica features BDSM, a male dominant, bondage, infidelity, reluctant, vibrators, dildos, 24/7, orgasm denial, urethral play, piss play, double penetration, triple penetration, and even quadruple penetration.

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