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Heaven Sent (Romantic Contemporary Fantasy)

57 pages52 minutes


Every woman wants a man who thinks she has been sent from heaven just for him, and Kathy is no exception. After a bad break up she writes off men and focuses on her job, but when Cole strides through the door she is smitten with love at first sight. The thick walls she built around her heart are no match for the stubborn and love stricken man hell bent on spending his life with her.
As she begins to lower her guard, the tough redneck exterior of Cole cracks to reveal a warm hearted generous man any woman could love. Prying the chinks in his armor open, Kathy discovers a lover with a generosity that the normal appearing man shouldn’t be financially capable of. But Cole refuses to answer her questions until the time is right, and she refuses to trust him. Will the billion-dollar secret he is hiding tear them apart?

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