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Stargazing into His Eyes (a romantic outdoor sex erotica)

43 pages33 minutes


It was never George and Mia's intention to go stargazing alone together, but when other friends cancel, it seems silly to forgo the new moon's dark skies just because of a little unresolved sexual tension. Mia knows George is “mostly” gay, but, as she's rather butch for a straight woman, sometimes she finds herself thinking this just might work. She and George have already been so intimate in their conversations; surely taking that last step and becoming close in body as well shouldn't be so hard, particularly under that dark velvet canopy so numerously punctured by starlight. It will be romantic. It will be sexy. George will lose his “virginity” and sleep with a woman for the first time—if all goes as Mia hopes it will.

This erotica is 7,200 words long, and word counts do not include teasers, links, or other end-material. It features a couple who are close friends and communicate well, a romantic outdoor setting, mild Dominant/submissive and sadomasochistic themes, switching, gender role and sexual orientation exploration, both male and female nipple play, fellatio, cunnilingus, and the loss of one kind of virginity in hard, fast penile-vaginal sex.

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