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His & Hers Piercings (a genital body modification erotica)

48 pages36 minutes


Okay, so they're a little cutesy together. That doesn't mean Alex and Haley don't have deviant kinks they intend to indulge together. When this picture-perfect couple strolls into a tattoo parlor hand-in-hand, who'd think they were looking for anything other than directions to the park? But no. Alex has corrupted Haley with his piercing kink, and now they're going to honor their pact to get a piercing each. At least, that was the plan, before they got carried away...

In this 8200-word erotica, the characters flirt with BDSM and bondage using a male dominant, undergo multiple large-gauge genital piercings to satisfy their needs for body modification fetish play, and proceed to toy with those piercings in manual sex, oral sex, and penile-vaginal sex.

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