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Grab Life by the Nipples (a body modification erotica)

43 pages32 minutes


Haley knows just what to get Alex for his birthday, and it's something quite personalized. After all, who else shares her fetish for piercing? Who else would want to see huge holes cut into her nipples and tunnels large enough to see through shoved in? Turns out the answer is, the piercer who agrees to perform the rather unusual procedure of nipple scalpeling.

Fortunately, Alex and Haley's relationship is an open one, leaving her free to fuck the handsome muscular man with many tattoos and genital piercings, which she does with aplomb. But when she gets home and shows Alex what she's got, it turns out he's had his own plans all along. Haley has to decide if she'd really willing to give him the “extra” birthday gift that's so unorthodox it gives even her pause.

This 7,200-word erotica (word-counts do not include teasers, links, or other end-material) includes body modification fetishism, elements of BDSM, male dominants, switching, nipple torture, sex with strangers in inappropriate locations, and piercing during sex.

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