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Blues (a romantic erotica with African-American main characters)

43 pages32 minutes


Lauren can't stand Trevor. Just because they're the only two black people in the blues dancing group doesn't somehow mean they belong together. They'd be quite the odd couple, after all—she's a Republican, he's a Democrat; she's practical, he's sympathetic; she stays on top of things, he lets them lapse. Yet her attraction to him is as undeniable as her hair-pulling frustration, and she begins to long for his body, more than any other dancer's, to be the one to press against her as the sultry music plays.

Still, it takes a lot more than a good dance connection to get two people together. When Lauren's car breaks down and Trevor volunteers to help, will she let it turn into something more, with them alone together, late at night? Or will she nip this desire in the bud, as she's told herself to do over and over again? This 6,800-word erotica (word counts do not include teasers, links, or other end-material) continues from there with mild BDSM such as Dominant/submissive play and verbal bondage, extensive sensual foreplay, manual clitoral stimulation, and fucking up against the wall.

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