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Caring for a Werewolf, Part One (a knotting romance novella)

81 pages1 hour


Ariana has resigned herself to a lifetime of drudgery in the medieval farming village of Slepp. The best she can do for a suitor is John, steady but oafish and not the least bit attractive to Ariana. Then, one day, everything changes. A wounded, half-dead stranger is carted into town, and when the question arises of what to do with him, Ariana volunteers to take care of him. But though she falls harder and harder for him as she tends his wounds, he's keeping a dark secret from her. The stranger is hiding not only who he is, but what he is and hoping desperately that no one discovers his true a werewolf.


This is the first of three parts comprising a romance novella. This part comes to over 17,000 words (word-counts do not include teasers, links, or other end-material.) Regular readers of Layla Lewis's erotica may enjoy the more measured pace of this story, which allows more time to explore the relationships between the characters, while, over the course of the entire novella, sacrificing none of the steamy scenes readers enjoy so much.

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