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Scrapbooking the School Years

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It's not just a cliché grow up fast! One day you're dropping them off for "The Big Day" and before you're ready, they're graduating from high school and heading off to college. No time to get misty-eyed, moms: there's scrapbooking to be done! Scrapbooking the School Years is full of creative photo and journaling ideas to help you remember all the little details. What did their kindergarten backpack look like? How they shone for their first solo in the chorus or their first part in the school play. That time they took Mr. Turtle to show-and-tell. Best friends, favorite teachers, dreaded subjects, fashion trends, after-school activities, riding the bus, awards, and oh, yeah, the joy of learning...It's all celebrated in 100 pages from 21 hip scrapbooking moms. Maybe we can't keep our kids from growing up fast, but we can always keep the memories fresh in our hearts.

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