Ariel: SapphiConnection, #1

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Ariel: SapphiConnection, #1

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Length: 36 pages25 minutes


The SapphiConnection exists to bring like-minded women together for fun and relaxation. Find your hot date for the night and fulfill all your mutual whims: nothing is forbidden, no attractions laughable, and most of all, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Ariel (7,500 Words)

In the depths of the SapphiConnection website, hiding behind a veil of passwords and administrator approval, lurks a private group that is home to some of the city's more raunchier women. Once a month they gather to party, and now Ariel wants in, for she has harbored a fantasy for so many years that she would be welcomed into such a situation. Now with invitation in hand, Ariel joins five other gorgeous women for a dream come true.

This work depicts graphic lesbian relations and naughty, naughty words. Not intended for minors or those who get miffed at a lack of men.

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