There are no "Oprahs" in the countries that practice polygamy and oppress women. There are many potentially great minds in the form of females. Civilization, to continue to improve, needs all the help it can get and from every individual possible.       Through the education in this book there is hope that these oppressed women can be helped and the misogynous individuals perpetuating polygamy and the abuse of women can be stopped.    The Forward with its many insightful points is a shocking enlightenment and further exposure of the abuse of women and why some men are misogynist.   Women are primarily responsible for the sanity, stability and quality of the future generations. Relegation of females to the level of second and third class citizens because of gender is discrimination at its worst, which is rampant throughout third world countries.   Through the practice of polygamy, under the guise of religion, decadent men are being empowered to spread this eveil "disease" perpetuated by ignorant males, into modern countries and is a major threat to Human Rights and civilization as we know it.   Everyone should read this book - the freedom you now have may depend, in part, on the knowledge herein. This book defines the connection of polygamy and the abuse of women and illiteracy in third world countries. Find out why and how it has the effect of degrading all who participate and those who condone and tolerate this sub-human "bull-in-the-pasture" custom.

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