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I want to go home and I bet you do too! There is no place comparable to the place we call home. Have you ever had the feeling that you’ve been here before? Have you always felt different and out of place? Have you always had the feeling that something is terribly wrong with this planet called Earth? Do you gaze at the midnight sky having a deep connection with the moon and the stars? Don’t worry you’re not alone! 

You and thousands and thousands of other individuals feel the exact same way. Trapped inside this flesh body to the point where all you want to do is fly away or wait for that spaceship to land in your backyard and take you to a faraway place. You may not know exactly where this place is but you definitely know it isn’t here. So what now?

Phoenix GoldenStar will lead you to the awesome conclusion that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Here to experience and learn from this life and develop unconditional love; not just for those who love us but for all of humanity.

When you allow your soul to lead you will begin living and not simply existing. You will then view the world through a totally different set of eyes. With eyes that do not divide a nation but rather unite a nation. With eyes that do not see rich or poor but all humanity with unconditional love. Seeing a world where no one should get left behind.

Your invitation awaits and your soul is awakening. All you have to do is allow your soul to take the driver’s seat on this fascinating journey and lead you back to the place you call home. Where the Divine Father and Divine Mother await our presence and welcome us into the realm of unconditional love and peace that passes all understanding.

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