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January Embers

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This collection of poetry has no theme besides the human condition. From love to death; heartache to religion; politics to mental illness, 'January Embers', the debut anthology from Colorado Springs native Kristen Varwig, takes the reader on a journey through the looking glass and back again. Though each poem is unique in both its style and its inspiration, they are also highly relatable. 'January Embers' is the result of over a decade of obsessive writing, and its evocative, powerful, almost tangible grace grips the reader from the very first line, and refuses to let go, even after the gentle denouement. Dealing with despair, anger, pain, and grief, there is a thread of hope that cannot be denied. Above all, these poems show that hope, that greatest of all things, will out There is also humor, and a deft use of tongue-in-cheek. This anthology is for the sophisticated peruser, and the casual reader. It is for the fortunate, and the dispossessed. Think T.S. Eliot meets Robert Frost, but Varwig brings a strong voice that is all her own. 'January Embers' is a anthology that shouldn't be missed. A must-have to complete any serious collection.

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