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Ain't Quite What I Thought!

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What happens when Jeena Delilah Ray knowingly has sex with a married man on top of a restaurant table after closing time? All HELL breaks loose!

After dating a married man named Andre' for weeks and then falling in love with him in the process of all the sneaking, ducking and bedroom diving, Jeena Delilah Ray gets a huge bomb dropped dead center of her love life that turn her guts to mush!

If Jeena thinks that the grass was greener on his side of the picket fence, she soon finds out that she is dead wrong after she steps into a pile of mud, weeds, and a slab of doo-doo! Unfortunately, Jeena uncovers the hard fact that lover boy Andre' AIN'T QUITE WHAT SHE THOUGHT... and neither is his psychotic wife!

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