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Caution: This 5000 word story contains graphic sexual language. Read at your own risk.

The conclusion of the Slave to Mutants series! Micah has been captured by Mutants, and is journeying through the wilderness as their captive. She knows they are going somewhere, for some nefarious purpose. But what frightens Micah more than the mutant’s plan for her, is her own dark sexual desire for these mutants! She finds the fight for freedom isn’t from her mutant’s from her own lust!

Excerpt: “He walked over to the polished, articulate mutant and pointed at Micah, then growled. The two entered into a heated discussion. She assumed it was a negotiation. A negotiation over her. After several minutes of growling, posturing, and gesturing, the pair seemed to reach an agreement. The large alpha mutant ordered one if his lackeys to bring over several boxes of supplies, as the auctioneer ordered one of his to free Micah. Micah’s heart began to race as the iron anklet was removed with a clatter. She gulped as the mutant’s servant walked her over to the hulking Alpha mutant.”

Published: Winters-Marazza Publishing on
ISBN: 9781311136183
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