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The book is about Africa, its past, present and likely future scenario. It is challenging the old dogma that claimed African’s backwardness is primarily caused by external forces, notably slavers and colonialists. On closer look, 40 to 50 years of Independence supposed to produce some positive changes to Africa and its people in terms of development. This happened in Asia and not in Africa. Why? The book makes an in-depth analytical study of Africa and unreservedly argues that African leaders and its people must accept share of the blames. Thus the title of the book AFRICANS ARE NOT BLAMELESS. The book also    comes up with solutions that will help Africa tackle problems bedeviling the continent, such as bad governance, poverty, education, diseases etc. The book is made up of thirteen chapters, consisted of 440 pages and about 82,473 words.

Recent Happenings
Increasingly the content of this book is gradually revealing itself with some predictive consistencies. The Cote d’ Ivoire saga where Laurel Gbagbo constitutes a nuisance to the Continent, the Ghaddafi sad end, the continues coups and counter coups in countries like Guinea Bissau, Mali, Niger, Guinea Conakry , religious fundamentalism in Nigeria that is becoming senseless and bloody , political upheavals in Kenya, Democratic republic of Congo and the breakage of Sudan into two countries. All these events happened in a relatively short period of time. The inability of Africans to look in-wards made reforms and corrections extremely difficult. African leaders still glorify powers akin to emperors of the middle ages. The scramble for the African riches is reaching its nadirs. Oil and natural resources are being discovered in sub-Saharan countries not by the countries themselves but by the new emerging economies in Asia and Latin America. Niger, Cameroon, Uganda, Kenya, Chad, Ghana, Mauritania etc have found oil in their territories. Wealth based on natural resources is a lazy way to reaches, as finitely as the new wealth so also the destabilizing aspects of easy money in African polity.

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