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Odessa's Orbs, Photographs The Free Press Won't Let You See

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The photographs in this book are priceless. . These photographs were caused by a small dog that would not take no for an answer. However, so far nobody has the guts to show you these photographs in the free press. A glance of my sample chapters will show pictures that look like they were taken from an electron microscope or the Hubble telescope.
Although not scientific "proof" , these photos are indeed scientific "evidence" "that these objects (orbs) are indeed real and with us, both now and in the past. The most amazing photos are in the body of this book.
this is a first hand account ....backed up with stunning, awe inspiring photographs. . Photographic detail after detail are both provided and examined. slamming the door on skeptics and debunkers.
If you can both see and think for yourself, then this is the book for you.... It's a wild ride and the wow factor of these photographs are off the charts. Evidence both modern and historic are brought together for study. These orb photographs make the standard pat excuses and explanations meaningless.
Finally a chance to use your eyes for something fantastic!! True photos of real living beings. Light beings to some, orbs , light orbs, spirit orbs and plasma orbs to others. Still others see these as , angels or spirits. also fairy or fairies. But my money goes on nimbus. That is the sphere shaped, typically golden, globe portrayed on the heads of saints, holy men and also described in the bible......I know nothing bad about these living things..... this is not a scary book but a truly amazing one. And it's a story of today and a story about our lives..The story and photographs of Odessa's orbs are worth sharing with the world...Enjoy!

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