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German Stock Market for beginners Börse Grundlagen Deutschland

45 pages1 hour


This basic stock market for beginners book is for the German investor to provide him a working knowledge of the German stock market and how to trade on the Frankfurt stock exchange. Written in clear, non-technical language, it defines all of the major terms used by investors and puts them together in an easily understandable framework. The book is intended for investors just starting out and who feel lost in all the technical jargon thrown at them.

The book contains the following topics in detail :
• How to find and select a broker
• Brokerage fees and how to manage them
• Dividends vs. growth investing
• What is the difference between mutual funds, index funds, and ETFs
• Learn how to make your first trade


Dieses Buch wird Ihnen helfen, den Aktienmarkt zu navigieren, so dass Sie Fehler als einen neuen Investor nicht machen. Diese Börse für Einsteiger Buch wird Ihnen das große Bild für die erfolgreiche Investition in den Aktienmarkt Deutschland

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