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Chocolate Diaries

43 pages31 minutes


Two tantalizing stories to tickle your fantasies...

A Beach Angel-

Lance is a handsome billionaire who looks like an underwear model, with the money of an oil tycoon. He’s in the Dominican Republic for pleasure, and finds it in Anita, an ebony beauty who works hard and wants to play harder.

Read as their raunchy tale unfolds on page after page of vacation bliss.

Sweet Chocolate (A BW/WM Romance)

Carmen was used to men not being able to handle her.

Perhaps that's why she became the best dominatrix in the entire city. Her newest client, a handsome white man, couldn't help himself as soon as he walked into the door of her hotel room.

He stripped naked immediately, and what followed was to hot to write here!


I still got it, Carmen thought to herself.
She stroked her hands from Bryan’s abdomen all the way up to his chest and applied pressure to his nipples, pinching both between her fingers. She leaned forward and licked his ear, making sure to whisper into his ear with exaggerated breath.
“So Bryan, what is it that brings you here tonight?” she asked.
As soon as he opened his mouth, Carmen soundly popped him in the mouth with a smack from her hand.
“You speak when I let you speak—rule number one,” she said.
Bryan’s eyes popped wide open, full of attention. He nodded his head obediently.
“Don’t even answer that question. I already know exactly why you’re here,” Carmen said.
“Speak. Either ‘yes, mistress’ or ‘yes, my queen’,” Carmen ordered.
“Yes, Mistress,” Bryan said.

Warning! Two very hot and raunchy tales

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