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My Boss' Christmas Party

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  A web of betrayal and deceit  is woven when Tim hires Karen, a young and vivacious woman to be his secretary. The employees see their chemistry. Tim’s wife, Donna is more suspicious than she’s been throughout the course of their marriage. These elements blend together to create an explosion during the week of the holiday, in which Tim and Karen are on fire for each other and being more reckless wwith their secret affair

The two women will finally meet at the Christmas party, the same party where Karen wants to sneak away show Tim her naughty little Santa’s helper lingerie. Will this Christmas be hot, dangerous, merry, or all of the above?


“Merry Christmas, boss,” she said.
Karen had been at the company for a year, but was easily the youngest woman that worked there. She would catch dirty looks from other women at the company, who had spread rumors that she was sleeping with the boss.
If only they knew…

She and Tim had been sneaking around for the last two or three months. It was easy to plan it out, since Karen was his secretary. She’d often schedule “work dinners” for them on the company credit card to make it look legit. They’d also book hotel rooms a couple hours out of town for “seminars.”
That’s the life you lived when you had the boss’ affection, and Karen didn’t mind it one bit.

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