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I Borrowed Your Husband

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“I Borrowed Your Husband"

        It was a normal work day at the front desk of the hotel, until Stephanie was greeted by the most handsome  man she had ever seen. As she was getting ready to give him a free upgrade to a premium suite, his bossy wife comes out of nowhere bringing all of fire and brimstone with her.  

Knowing he deserved better, she invites him to her room when her shift ends.


“One second,” I yelled out to whoever was on the other end of the door.
I turned off the shower and grabbed one of the soft, white hotel towels that were hanging on the rack. I wrapped the towel around my body and winked at myself in the mirror, loving what I saw staring back at me.
“Damn I’m sexy.”
I carried that energy with me as I went to the door, and opened it without even looking. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw that it was Lance.
He wasn’t wearing the suit and tie that he looked so dapper wearing earlier. Now, he was a lot more casual, a simple pair of basketball shorts, an undershirt and boat shoes.
“Is that offer still on the table? I could really use the company of a beautiful woman,” he said.

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