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Late Night Creep

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"The grass is sometimes greener on the other side, and sometimes the sex is wilder.

In this collection of stories, men and women are risking it all and stepping outside of their relationships for rendezvous that are erotic and naughty.

  “Miley in Hot Water” features Miley, a woman who on a Jamaican vacation with her husband. She desperately wants his attention and affection but can't seem to get it.  As she sulks in a drink at the bar on their last night of their resort vacation, she catches the eye of two handsome  gentleman, who want give her all the attention she needs.

“One Last Fling Before My Wedding” features a woman who gets involved in a late night sexy chat with a man in her city. Sexy talk turns to straight up cybersex, and she’s hot and bothered to the point that she throws on her best dress and drives over to his place. She tells herself that this is one last fling before her wedding. Just one last time...

White Girl Spanked                                                    

Tiffany is fed up with her husband and his lack of attention.

When he sends her over to the other side of the neighborhood to talk to the neighbors, she gets caugth up in a little more than she can handle.


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