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"Sweet curves, oh those beautiful, feminine, sweet curves.

Men like skinny women, but they LOVE women with a little more to hold onto. A little more to kiss… A little more to taste…

The curvy goddesses in these three stories attract men in their lives for sexy encounters. Their stories are all different, but insanely hot.                         

 In “Oh, Mr. Johnson”, Tina catches the eye of a powerful billionaire who owns a professional baseball team. When he invites her back to his hotel room, he dominates her in a way that quenches her thirst and makes her feel like a real woman. Can he handle her sway of her sweet curves?

“My Personal Trainer” features Misty, a sexy BBW who feels a little bit off of her game after having a baby. She ends up stepping out on her husband after getting worked and stretched out by her personal trainer. They wrestle on the mat in more positions than you can fathom, their bodies aching and twisting into a frenzy.

In “Loving My Curves”, Maria, a fiery BBW Latina uses her head to try to get her boyfriend, Jason, to tell her where they’re going tomorrow on their surprise vacation.

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