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Texas Hold'em Strategy for Beginners

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What makes poker such a fascinating game is the combination of two seemingly incompatible ideas: that poker can be both a game where anyone can take a gamble and win, yet simultaneously reward skillful play so that superior players will inevitably win over the long run. While anyone can win a hand – or even a major tournament, from time to time – you can’t rely on luck forever, and only those with a true mastery of poker’s intricate strategies will see themselves become winning players over their poker careers.

Texas Hold'em Strategy for Beginners contains twenty essays on various aspects of Texas Hold’em that are critical to understand if you aspire to be a winning player. The first ten are general concepts that apply to both cash games and, in most cases, tournaments as well. The latter portion of the book deals with special concepts that only apply during tournament play. Many of these concepts have been explained in numerous places before; however, the technical nature of many of them has often left new players confused and bewildered. The truth is that these concepts are not difficult to understand and implement; Texas Hold'em Strategy for Beginners offers explanations that are simple and concise, yet still complete enough to allow you to improve your poker play.

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