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Love in the Office 3

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It was all good, not long ago.

Now, Rachel’s relationship with her boss, Mr. Jennison, is in peril. Stacey, a vivacious redhead she devil co-worker, has her eyes on the boss and Rachel’s spot with him.

Rachel just became comfortable with her out-of-work relationship with the boss, and now, Stacey is putting it at risk. But there’s a catch, Stacey is bisexual, and also has the hots for Rachel.

Though she is threatening Rachel’s relationship, “it’s all business, not personal,” Stacey would tell her.

Her flirtation becomes stronger for both Mr. Jennison and Rachel, along with her plans to overthrow the power structure in the office. Rachel has never so much as kissed a girl, and now has to make sense of the butterflies that she gets from the she devil, along with the feelings of rage, from her relationship being threatened.

Everything happens fast, and it’s clear that after the redhead steps onto the scene, nothing will be the same…

How will Rachel respond?

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