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Little White Mistress

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The clock is ticking and Cindy and Lawrence are playing with fire…
They’ve been sneaking around for the past few weeks, but this was the first time that they were brave enough to be in Lawrence’s home.

A surprise turn of events shows them just how far their feelings have progressed. Will they beat the clock or will Lawrence’s wife come home and catch them in the act?

WARNING! The story is hot and heavey. Mature readers only…


We started meeting up whenever we had free time. There was quickie in the backseat of my car, a hookup on my lunch break,that time in the park in the park when I went on my morning jog… We tore each other part each and every time we got together.

In this moment we were truly playing with fire, because it was the first time that she had been to my home. I looked at the clock while pushing  and saw that it was about 20 minutes until my wife would be home. She usually called first, so I figure that would buy us some time, but there were no guarantees.

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