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A Girl Has Needs

46 pages37 minutes


Two great stories bundled up for your pleasure

Give it to me Baby:

Tina's secret online chat affair is about to get up close and personal, because her fantasy man is coming to see her live and in the flesh.

Tina's husband, Pat, is hitting the golf course for a tournament, so that buys her some time for her mystery man to come see her. Will Tina squeeze in enough time of sucking, sexing and hardcore passion before her husband returns? Darryl is coming to town, and "give it to me, baby", won't be the only thing that Tina will be screaming.

Miley in Hot Water:

It's the last day of vacation and Miley is feeling frisky.

Only, her husband is being a total buzz kill and opts to go to bed early. Already frustrated with their dull, virtually sexless marriage, Miley pouts to the bar and drowns her sorrows. While at the bar, she catches the eye of two handsomely muscular black men.

When she goes to soak in the hot tub, the men politely ask if they could join her. What happens next isn't so polite, as a game of good old fashioned truth or dare turns up the heat.

WARNING! This book is intensely HOT! You are guaranteed to be stimulated beyond belief after reading this 5,000+ word erotic thriller.

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