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Making the Grade: An Anthology

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The college girls in these stories have more than a crush on their professors and will do anything they can to get a rise out of them.

Teach Me  

Marla and Professor Orton have a thing going on...

Every so often, Marla's takes to her knees and gives him the best performance of the century. Things get hot today in class, and she's called upon once again to earn that 'A'.

Will she go for the gold? Professor Orton wants her sexy little body in the worst kind of way today, so she might have to go the extra mile!

Naughty for Teacher 

Bianca's flirtations reach new levels when she shows up to class...let's say, underdressed.

Professor Winfield can't concentration, because her smooth brown skin is full display. He's so frustrated that he makes her stay after class. Bianca soon learns her lesson, as she is manhandled, spanked and dominated by an alpha male of a different persuasion.

Making the Grade 

Sable needs an A, or she'll be sent home for good from college.

As a desperate move, she goes to talk to her professor, to see what can be done. The professor has a bit of an idea...

“Actually I know I can help,” Professor Clark said.

“One little click of a mouse and you get an A for the semester. I have that power,” he said.

“Omigod, I’ll do anything,” Sable said, her eyes now lit up with hope.

Professor Clark rubbed his hands together and grinned.

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