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Bittersweet Legacy: Lorette and the Wilde Thyme Hotel

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England, in the aftermath of WWII. Times are tough. But in challenge comes remarkable opportunity for 19 year old Lorette. Heartbroken and abandoned by G.I. lover Henry, life in London has been cruel drudgery when out of the blue, she inherits her great-aunt's countryhouse hotel. Leaving the grim eastend, she sets up home in The Wild Thyme.

Energetic, clever and beautiful, Lorette intends to make a great success of the old hotel and immediately sets out to restore it to its former glory. But her lavish ideas for refurbishment are met with disapproval by Walter, the caretaker.

The ageing man has no time for emancipated city girls, and believes there's only one way to deal with headstrong disobedience. When Lorette stands up to Old Walter and the local vicar, she soon finds herself unable to sit down. Horrified by her first spanking, she grows ever more determined to have her own way. And despite their misgivings, the villagers soon learn that she is more than capable.

When the stunning heiress meets local lad Jake Elliott, she is swept off her feet. The gentle hard- working handyman falls deeply in love with her too. Together, their plans for The Wild Thyme grow ever more ambitious. But when sparks fly, Lorette finds out that it's not only the older men of the village who believe in chastising errant females. Unprepared for a trip across Jake's knee, she finds to her surprise that the experience draws them closer together.

Uncovering a sinister secret in the hotel cellars, they embark on a mission to track down a young Italian POW who hid out in The Wild Thyme during the War. Painful memories begin to fade, and Lorette plans a grand opening party and a thrilling future with Jake. Then an unexpected knock at the door one day, throws her world asunder.

Will the ambitious beauty confront her latest challenge in the usual fiery fashion? And in the wild, secluded herb gardens of her beloved hotel, just what pleasures are there to be explored?

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