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Curvaceous Chemistry

50 pages46 minutes


Get ready for some HOT Sci-Fi action with this sexy new BBW story bundle! Bringing together three of Cindy's best science fiction erotic stories, Curvaceous Chemistry follows the steamy adventures of three sassy BBW heroines.

Inside you'll get:

Dr Dix and the Dream Machine: Amanda is struggling with painful headaches, and goes to Dr. Dix to discover the cause. The friendly doctor immediately knows that the problem is Amanda's libido - she has locked away all her desires, and refuses to touch a man. She won't even touch herself!

To help to unleash all of the pent up energy that is driving her crazy, Dr. Dix gives Amanda The Dream Machine. Amanda is to wear it that night, and the machine will show her the fantasies she has locked away from herself.

Getting Carnal with the Caveman: Katie is a leading expert in black holes and theoretical physics. Sadly, she is completely ignored by her colleagues because of her gender and beauty.

She decides the only way to prove her theories to them will be to do something no one has done before – time travel. She only has one problem; she can’t control where she lands.  Soon, she finds herself in a mysterious ancient time with a very good-looking caveman. Her primordial desires soon get the best of her as they share a time-shattering love session.

My Husband’s Alien Love Slave: This beautiful alien is much like a human woman - except with blue skin, physics-defying BBW proportions, and certain 'talents' in the bedroom. Her hardworking human husband feels like the luckiest man in the universe to have her waiting for him when he comes home from the oxygen plant. And she is definitely waiting and willing to give him a sexy night once he walks into their pod. 

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