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Wolf Creek Alpha: Texas Pack, #1

273 pages4 hours


Can a witch accept that she's the mate to an alpha werewolf? 

Rafe loves her deeply, now he has to convince her.

Visiting her friend in the small east Texas town of Wolf Creek, Lisa is shocked when she learns that shifters are real, and even more shocked when a light Fae warrior informs her she's a witch. But this is just the beginning of her journey...
Werewolves, shifters, light and dark Fae creatures. Who knew?
She'd always been a little intuitive, a little bit different. But wasn't everyone? 
Rafe is the alpha of the east Texas pack and according to him, her mate. Keeping his new mate safe from an evil Fae will take the strength of his pack and the help of their magical friends. 
The Queen of Faery gave all shifters the ability to change their mates in the enchanted water. Lisa will have to decide if she wants to enter the water with Rafe and make the change to be come a werewolf and be his mate forever.
Magical beings come together to banish evil once and for all.

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