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But I was a Man Yesterday! -3 Book Gender Swap Bundle (Waking up a Woman, #8)

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"But I was a man when I went to bed last night!"

Not any more! Now they're full-fledged, beautiful young women, ready to sample all the world has to offer. These brand-new ladies are bold, audacious... and ready for all the sex their new, supernaturally-endowed female bodies can take!

Contains the following three gender-bending, body-transforming erotic stories:

1. From Playboy to Maneater

When rich, playboy executive Bryce Ashworth accidentally ingests one of the new experimental drugs produced by his father's multibillion-dollar company, he is shocked to discover his body has transformed into that of a beautiful young woman!

Finding himself trapped in the body of a gorgeous female with time to kill, Bryce - now Brandy - decides to head to the hottest nighclub in LA with a female date in tow. And when their tryst is interrupted by several of Brandy's male friends, she's shocked and delighted to find they don't recognize her in her new body!

But as things heat up between the four partygoers, Brandy is even more shocked to discover the unexpected longings coming from deep within her new body...

Longings that can only be sated by a man... or two!

This story contains erotic gender-bending, first-time encounters as a woman, exploration, multiple partners including men and women, and an unpredictable drug that turns men into horny, beautiful women!

2. From Husky to Hottie

Danny's sarcastic attitude has always gotten him into trouble. But when he falls victim to an old fortune-teller's curse, he's about to get his just deserts... because he's been transformed into a woman!

Now stuck in the body of a beautiful girl, Danny is desperate to undo the magic spell - until, that is, he gets his first taste of sexual freedom in his new, feminine body. And it's about to come at the hands of his two former friends, who know nothing of the transformation that Danny has undergone...

3. From Boy to Toy

When Jake is stood up and Peter’s date gives him the cold shoulder, Jake’s had it with mean girls who think they can do whatever they want. So he made a silly wish, in his annoyance, to become a woman who would treat men right.

He couldn’t have known it would come true, that the next morning he would wake up as a hot young blonde with an insatiable desire for one thing: men.

Now, before the day is up, he’ll experience himself in ways he never thought possible, and maybe even take his best friend Peter along for the ride…

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