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Surprise Performance Appraisal: Illicit Affairs with the Billionaire Partners (Gay Menage Workplace Erotica)

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When Sean is called in for a surprise performance review after hours, he's unprepated to face down his intimidating and fabulously wealthy CEO in his high-rise office suite - especially since he's always been secretly attracted to the older man.

What's even worse is having to deal with his boss' graceful and charming European partner as well - especially when the two handsome men make it clear they intend to review more than just Sean's performance in the workplace.

This 5,500-word story contains explicit descriptions of hot office sex, multiple steamy male partners, deepthroating, and multiple penetrations. It is intended for mature readers only. 


"I understand you've been with the company for just over a year," Mr. De Soto guided me over to the long soft leather couch lining the far wall. I followed his lead obediently and sat down. The warm, solid form of Mr. Blackthorne settled on the other side of me. I felt sweat start to bead at my back and on my forehead. More importantly, I was definitely getting hard. I couldn’t help it; there way their attention seemed to fixate on me, the claustrophobia induced by the (admittedly massive) closed office, and most of all, their nearness to me, was more than I could handle. And there was no way to hide it, no way to surreptitiously shift myself without being noticed, flanked as I was by the two men.

"That's right. I was, uh... scheduled to have my review on Monday." My head spun as Mr. Blackthorne filled my glass once more. Hairs prickled upright across my skin as his breath touched upon my hand.

"I apologize for the short notice," he murmured, holding my eyes in his intense, hungry gaze.
"That is my fault," the European partner said as he took my hand again, this time without the pretense of a handshake. He cupped my palm and traced his fingers across the top of my hand. I started to breathe faster as my stomach roiled. "I like to become personally acquainted with everyone under me. Mr. Blackthorne has told me many good things about you."

"He has?" my mouth felt dry. I took another sip of the scotch, suddenly thankful for its warmth. Strong hands pressed lightly onto my shoulders.

"Of course, Sean. You've been a valuable addition to this company in the past year," Mr. Blackthorne's breath was close and hot against my ear. My body tingled at the sudden attention of both these men closing in on either side of me. "I have been meaning to tell you how much I've noticed you. You have, I believe, noticed me as well."

"I… ahhh..." I exhaled with more abandon than I'd intended. The alcohol made it difficult - impossible, really - to hide how turned on they were making me.

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