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Jammed in Traffic: Illicit Affairs with the Billionaire Partners

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Bryce Long has always been intimidated by the billionaire partners of the Garrett and Peringer law firm... even while secretly finding them incredibly attractive. So when he's invited along for a private limo ride with his two imposing, older bosses, he's not sure how to say no. Not that either of these men are used to taking 'no' for an answer...

When rush hour traffic leads to a gridlock, things quickly get steamy as the two older men turn their attentions to their captive (and willing) prey... all while the downtown crowd looks on.

This 6,300-word story contains exhibitionism, male-on-male-on-male public sex, multiple partners, oral, anal, voyeurism, and two gorgeous billionaire bosses. Adult readers only!



“Why don't you take a look out the sunroof and tell us how bad it is?" Mr. Peringer suggested at length, swirling the ice in his glass. The hair stood up on the back of my neck. Looking out the sunroof while they stayed down below put me in a strangely vulnerable spot. They would be able to see me, but I wouldn’t see them. Not only that, but they’d have a clear view of my crotch - which was, at that very moment, uncomfortably and perfectly expressive.

"Oh, I don’t-" I stammered. Mr. Peringer leaned forward and gently put his hand on my knee. I gulped. The warmth of his palm could be felt through my trousers, and tingled up my leg. I felt myself growing even stiffer despite my best efforts. I was sure they could see it, whether I stood up or now. And not only that; I had the strange impression they liked what they saw.

“Go ahead. Tell us what you see out there.”

“Well... okay.” I handed Mr. Garrett my glass and raised an eyebrow at the two of them. “But someone better hold my legs to keep me from falling.” I flashed a smile. Maybe it was the gin, or just the signals they’d been clearly sending me for the past half-hour, but I was starting to feel a spark of confidence around them. After all, it’s not very often a guy like me finds himself sharing a private limousine with two receptive, incredibly hot men in downtown Manhattan!

I grabbed the lip of the sunroof and hoisted myself up through the opening. The cold New York air wafted over me.

"Oh yeah, we're in a hell of a gridlock," I stretched upward, leaning way out to get a better look over the sea of taxicabs and pedestrians. "Do you think we should call ahead? We might be -whoaAHH!"

I clapped a hand over my mouth to keep from crying out. Something was running over the surface of my pants. Fingers pressed hard against me, massaged their way up the insides of my thighs, approached the edge of my boxers as they moved ever upward.

"Hey man, what the hell are you...?" I tried to sound angry as I stole a glance downward, but my voice wasn’t particularly convincing. Besides, the tight confines of the sunroof made it impossible to tell whose hands they were.

"Keep talking, Bryce . Tell us what you see," ordered a gravelly voice from below. “Describe it in detail.”

"What I... see?" The sudden change in tone made me flush with a mixture of embarrassment and pleasure. Something about being taking orders from the wealthy, powerful man below me sent my blood boiling. I’d always admired the Partners from afar. I’d fantasized about their bodies, about being naked and alone with them in a dark room. But what I really wanted, more than anything, was for them to take pleasure in me, to claim me as their own… to command me, as they commanded all who surrounded them to bend to their wills. Now my dark, secret fantasy was apparently becoming reality.

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