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The Essential Book Blog: The Complete Bibliophile's Toolkit for Building, Growing and Monetizing Your On-line Book-Lover's Community: Brinestone Guides, #1

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CONTENTS (major headings):
1. Introduction: Why book bloggers are poised to benefit from a publishing world in flux
2. Opportunity Knocks: Book bloggers are at the center of a burgeoning new industry
3. Book Reviewing Crash Course: Whether you're an author or a reader seeking reviews, or you're new to the review process, understanding the process of review writing will benefit you
4. Review Writing: A more advanced look at reviews and their parts
5. Build Your Virtual Home: All the tools you will need to create and grow a blog or website for free, including domain names and hosting options, filling your site and managing content and visitors
6. Free is Good...: How to acquire books and content for free (or, if you're an author, how to locate reviewers willing to talk about your book)
7...Paid is Better: Morally-sound practices for monetizing your efforts, whether the sale of your own books or others, and maximizing income.
8. Wrapping Up: How to be a responsible Netizen; The Profit and Popularity Formula
9. Supplementary Materials: Advanced writing/reviewing tools and additional resources

WHO WILL BENEFIT FROM The Essential Book Blog:
All bibliophiles: readers, writers, collectors, sellers, particularly:

1. Book reviewers, from beginner to semi-professional

2. Authors, whether self-published, vanity, or traditionally published, writers yearning to connect with readers and reviewers and increase exposure for their books

3. General content bloggers and product reviewers who wish to begin to profit from their on-line content or grow their business

4. Anyone wishing to learn more about the burgeoning global on-line literary community and the financial opportunities available to them, whether in their spare time or as a full-time endeavor

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