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Trap for a Tease

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Trap for a Tease is the story of a revolution that takes place within the confines of one American family. It is the story of Barbara Bennett, a young girl who studies and measures her own values, which are definitely those of the new generation instead of those of her elders. It is also the story of the struggle between her parents' ideas and her own, a struggle in which many consciences are dissected and examined. Barbara is not selfish, and wants her entire family to be happy, but her battle to help others meets with considerable resistance. Nor can all of her actions be praised, even when her motives are unquestionably meritorious. Her eventual victory may be predictable, but the precise details of it are not. Drugs, for instance, play an important role in Barbara's struggle, and her use of them may be deemed questionable. We do not, as publishers or individuals, advocate the use of drugs, for we feel that too little is known about the results of such use and that further scientific study is needed. This is a true-to-life story, however, and realism demands the presence of the aphrodisiacs Barbara obtains and utilizes. If the reader wishes, the book can be taken as a warning against drug abuse—but it can just as easily be considered merely an entertaining story.

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