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A Gift of Pain

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It began with an ad, a deceptively simple ad placed in the local newspaper, the notice of an available furnished room in a quiet residential area of the city. Townhouse living, privacy, even the services of a sleep-in maid. For Andrew Venner, thirty years old and still without a plan for his future, it sounded like the perfect way to make a new start. But for the owner of the town-house, a woman by the name of Cecilia Chatsworth, it was far more than an opportunity to make some money putting her spare room to good use. Like a black widow spider, she lured Venner as if he were a fly, subtly and gradually ensnaring him in a web of such monstrous pain and perversity that escape seemed an impossibility, mercy a word that never existed. The old values were gone. In their place he learned an entirely different kind of moral code, a regimen of debasement, of slavish humility, respect tempered by bouts of cruel inhuman sadosexual punishment such as he had never known or dreamed about in his entire life. But there was more to Cecilia's plan than just the chance to make a slave out of handsome and well-endowed Andrew Venner.

Oh yes, far more than merely A GIFT OF PAIN, a promise of torment. For in her garden were hidden secrets, secrets destined to be revealed only by a bizarre tormenting orgy and a strange and macabre twist of fate. Illustrated.

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